Vehicle Case Intake Form

Instructions: Please complete the below information to the best of your ability.  You may cut and paste this form into an email or save a pdf of this and send via email to or print and send us in hard copy to 2611 NE 113th St Suite 300A, Seattle WA, 98012.  Email is preferred but mail is accepted.

1. Contact Information: Please provide full spelling of first and last name and middle initial.  Please provide a contact phone and email.  Let us know anything else specific to help us contact you such as a name pronunciation, preferred pronouns, hearing impairment, etc.


2. Co-signers/Co-owners: If there are any co-signers or co-owners on the vehicle and it would be relevant to your case, please list each one and their relationship.  This generally matters for tow, repossession, ticket, or other cases where there may be financial liability for the other party.


3. Please select the area/s of law that best fits your situation (circle or check all that apply) and fill out relevant sub-questions:

a) Auto/Vehicle Dealer Fraud relating to a Sale



b) Auto/Vehicle Repair Fraud



c) Collection matter relating to a vehicle (purchase, repo, tow, ticket, personal injury, etc)



d) Lemon Law (new vehicle)



e) Lemon Law/Warranty of Merchantability  (used vehicle)



f) Repossession



g) Tickets or liability on a vehicle after you sold it



h) Tow and/or Impound



i) Other