Timeshare Intake

If you have a timeshare and are interested in divestment, understanding your rights, or otherwise resolving a legal issue surrounding the timeshare, we offer a flat rate review for $300.00.  If you need us to get the registration, application, and salesman documents from the state, we charge an additional $100.00.  There are firms that offer free initial consults, always remember you get what you pay for, they just price the review on the back end of the services.  We charge up front because our review is robust and we can offer more options for resolution.  Based on what you provide us, the review covers the below points:

  1. Review of the 17 required disclosures registered with the State
  2. Comparison of the disclosures sent to you against what is registered with the State
  3. Review of advertising materials for compliance with WA law (if provided)
  4. Review of the contract for compliance with WA law (if provided) to include illegal waivers/jurisdictional clauses and presence of 7 day cool off provision
  5. Review of registration of promoter or agent (if known)
  6. If you reserved an interest in an incomplete timeshare project, relevant documents for compliance with WA law
  7. Maintenance fee issues
  8. Settlement options
  9. Litigation options
  10. Bankruptcy options
  11. Other options and avoidance techniques
  12. Review of the costs, risks, pros, and cons of each approach to determine the best approach based on your needs and goals

Please use the below form via cut and paste or an email that provides the same information in an organized fashion.  Concise bullet point style statements are preferred where possible.  Please allow 24-72 hours to process.  Call us if for any reason there is a delay in response.  If this is a legal emergency, call 206-535-2559 for instructions.  Send completed form to info@wadebtlaw.com

1. Name


2. Best contact information (phone, email, specific instructions)


3. Resort or Vacation Club Name


4. Were you physically present in Washington State when you purchased the timeshare?


5. Did you purchase the timeshare directly from the Resort or Vacation club or from a third party promoter/salesperson?


6. Do you have other unsecured debts (credit card, medical, personal loans) that exceed $20,000.00?


7,  Please let us know what solutions are you open to discussing?   Circle or Check all that apply.

Litigation for violations of law/contract/consumer protection violations

Settlement of the account

Bankruptcy (typically only if you have other debt to discharge in addition)


8. Any other information that you would like us to know