Tenant Intake Form

Thank you for contacting our firm regarding your landlord tenant issue.  As debt attorneys, we focus only on the financial aspects of tenancy and do not take all cases.  Prior to filling this out, we want to make sure that your matter falls into area of practice.  Please review the following list, indicate which categories apply, and continue with the intake form.  If none apply, we will be unable to assist you and invite you to review our tenant resource page.

Do one or more of the below legal issues apply:

  1. Collections Defense– your landlord has threatened collections (or could), you have been contacted by a collection agency, and/or you have been sued relating to a tenancy?
  2. Deposit Return– your landlord has claimed $1,000.00 or more in damages (not including rent)
  3. Settlement Services– you need to settle a claim, lease break, or other issue relating to a tenancy
  4. Strategy regarding unpaid rents and options to resolve- you need help understanding your options to resolve unpaid rents, lease break, and financial damages.  This would include settlement, litigation, bankruptcy, and other out of court options.

If one of the above four categories applies to your situation, please complete the below questions to the best of your ability.  Answers should be in either a DIFFERENT COLOR or BOLDED.  Send your completed intake form to: Info@wadebtlaw.com and call 206-535-2559 to schedule.


1. List by number each legal issue that applies:


2. Name/s:


3. Email/Phone:


4. Name/s of any cosigners and/or co-tenants:



5. Address of rental unit


6. Amount of monthly rent:


7. Amount of deposit (please break down and provide total- such as $1500 for first and last, 250 pet deposit):


8. Date of move in:


9. Term of lease (example- one year least from August 1st,  2016 to July 31st, 2017).  If the term of the lease exceeded one year, was the lease notarized and/or recorded:


10. Date and format of notice given to landlord for intent to move out (if applicable) or date and notice of landlord notice to you of intent to terminate, move in, or sell the unit.  Indicate which applies.  Example- Landlord gave me notice of intent to sell the unit on August 1st, 2017 by email:


11. Date of actual move out (if applicable):


12. (if applicable) Did you receive an itemized break down of damages and if so, when and how much was claimed?:


13. Including damages, missed rent, attorney fees, and any other fees, what is the total claim for damage (if applicable:



14. Are you current on your rent and/or wanting to understand your legal options in case of lease break, breach, or non-payment?  If so, indicate here that you are looking for a strategy consult.  If not, indicate you are dealing with a collections by skipping this question and answering the next three questions.


15. Have you received any demands or legal complaints from your landlord, a collection agency, and/or an attorney?  If so, please list date received, the party who sent it, and the amount of the demand.  Example Landlord on 7/7/17 said he wanted $3,000.00 in damages above my deposit or he was sending me to collection.  ABC collection agency sent me  letter on 8/8/17 demanding $3,000.00 plus fees.  The Jerk law firm sued me on 9/9/17 for $3,000.00.


16. If you received a lawsuit, when were you served?


17. If you received a lawsuit, is the case ongoing or did it go to judgment?


18. If it has been reduced to judgment, have you been garnished one or more times prior?



19: Is there anything else that you would like us to know about you in order to assist you?  Feel free to list name pronunciation, pronouns, life circumstance (getting married, military, homeless, overseas, etc.) , relevant disabilities and/or protected characteristics, etc.


20: Briefly describe what your goals are and how you would like us to help.  Example would be due to Covid, I am furloughed and have not worked in three months.  I would like to understand my options.




We generally only require up front documentation if you are in collections, have been sued, or the landlord is threatening to send you to collections.  If that is the case, please provide the below documents (if applicable) along with your intake form.

a. Copy of your lease

b. Copy of your initial walkthrough

c. Copy of your itemized damage letter post move out

d. Copies of any collection demands by your landlord or a collection agency

e. Copies of any lawsuits or legal pleadings received