Student Loan Law

Washington Debt Law has experience dealing with both federal and private student loans.  We use a variety of techniques from government programs to bankruptcy hardship discharge to litigation.  We offer a free initial phone consultation to see which options would help the most.  Call us today to see how we can help.

Student Loan Law

We can help you to discharge, settle, litigate, and resolve student loans.  If you are considering default, are already in default, or in collections, we can help.  We offer a variety of options from consultation to litigation to bankruptcy hardship discharge.  Call us for a free initial phone consultation.

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Consultation & Strategy

We can explain your rights, your options, and provide solutions.  We can assist in creating a custom strategy using a combination of forgiveness programs, settlement, litigation, bankruptcy, asset protection, and debt avoidance strategies to most efficiently resolve your student loans.


Bankruptcy Options

Bankruptcy is a core of our practice.  We have obtained hardship discharges for our clients via 11 USC 523(a)(8), avoided fraudulent loans via adversary proceeding, and have used the bankruptcy process to stop garnishments and allow repayment of loans over time at an affordable rate.


Litigation Options

We can help to defend you against a collection action or sue for consumer protection violations by the school, the lender, the loan servicer, or the debt collector.


Settlement Options

We can assist in settling federal and private student loans and use the threat of litigation, bankruptcy, discharge, and other techniques as leverage.


Initial Phone Consultation

If you are being sued directly or garnished, it is a free consultation.

If you are looking to discuss all options in advance of default or prior to litigation, it is typically a paid consultation due to the amount of documents, options, and other things we will need to review.


Paid Consultation, Analysis, and Strategy Session

Our free consultation is designed to triage and identify solutions.  Our paid consultation is designed to be a deep dive with full analysis of your situation to include a review of documents, a check of any programs that might assist you, any litigation options, and verification of the proper fees, interest, and principal accumulation of the loan.  This review is usually one hour long with documents reviewed in advance and may be in person or via phone.  Our fee for this in depth review is $500.00.  We generally recommend that you take advantage of our free consultation first but if you know you have a complex situation and need many questions to be answered, you are welcome to start here.  Call 206-535-2559 to schedule.


Student Loan Servicers that we can help you deal with:

Account Control Technology, Action Financial Services, Alltran Education, American Student Assistance Corp., Bass & Associates, Central Research, Inc., Coast Professional, Inc., Collection Technology, Inc., Collecto, Inc. dba Collection Company of America, Con Serve, Credit Adjustments, Debt Management and Collections System, Delta Management Associates, Inc., ECSI Federal Perkins Servicer, Educational Credit Management CORP, Enterprise Recovery Systems, Inc. (recently bought by Alltran), FH Cann & Associates, Financial Asset Management Systems, Inc., Florida Dept. of Education OSFA, FMS Investment Corp., GC Services, General Revenue Services (USA Funds), Immediate Credit Recovery, Inc., Michigan Guaranty Agency, National Collegiate Trust, National Recoveries, National Credit Services, Navient, New York Higher Education Loan Program (NYHELP), Performant Financial Corp., Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc., Premiere Credit of North America, LLC, Progressive Financial, Reliant Capital Solutions, The CBE Group, Inc., U.S. Department of Treasury Debt Management Services, Van Ru Credit Corp., West Asset Management, Inc., Windham Professionals, Inc.


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We can help you deal with your student loan debts.  Give us a call today for a free phone consultation with an attorney skilled in resolving student loan debt.