Student Loan Consultation & Strategy

Every person has a unique financial and student loan situation.  There are numerous ways to resolve student loans depending upon the specific circumstances.  We can help you to understand your rights and possible solutions.

Student Loan Consultations

The best place to start to understand your options is to do a four part review of your options.  There are four general solutions to student loans:

  1. Forgiveness programs (we can assist by identifying available programs, application, and appeal of denial)
  2. Litigation & Class Actions (we can assist in suing or countersuing for violations of law or contract and attack loans from an evidentiary angle as to both amount owed and standing of the plaintiff)
  3. Settlement (we can assist by finding leverage to settle for as low as possible)
  4. Bankruptcy (we can assist by filing for bankruptcy hardship discharge and other bankruptcy options)

We review each of these possibilities as they apply to your specific situation and determine from a likelihood of success and cost benefit analysis what your best path or paths would be.  For example, we might recommend an income based repayment strategy for your Federal Loans but recommend litigation upon Private Loans that are past the statute of limitations.

Free Initial Phone Consultation

We offer a free fifteen minute initial phone consultation.  Our goal during this consultation is to 1) determine whether you need an attorney or not, 2) what options would be of benefit to you, 3) identify how we can help in case retention would be beneficial for you.  If you have filled out an intake sheet, we can generally identity in that time span basic techniques and solution.  If you do not fill out an intake sheet, you can still call in but we are less likely to be able to get through the review process in time.

Student Loan Intake Form- PDF Format

Student Loan Intake Form- For Cut and Paste into Email

In Depth Consultation, Analysis, and Strategy Session

Our in depth consultation is designed to go deep into your situation.  We will need to review a credit report and NSLDS report.  We will deep dive, based on your actual numbers, and review any collection demands, offset demands, accounting, and other information on how to best resolve your student loans.  It will include a four part analysis of forgiveness or repayment program options, litigation options, bankruptcy options, and settlement options.  Our fee for this in depth review is $500.00 flat and is comprised of an hour of document review preparation on our part and then an hour by phone or in person.  Most client like to take advantage of our free consultation and we invite you to do so.  However, if you have already had a free consultation with us and/or know you would like this level of review, just call us to schedule.  206-535-2559.