Free Initial Consultation

We have a general policy of offering a free initial phone consultation to see how we can help.  There are some limitations on this policy if your case is extremely complex, outside the scope of our practice, or for other firm specific reasons.  This page will help you to schedule to speak with an attorney regarding your legal issue.

Free Initial Consultation Policy

See our Fees page for full description and terms for your free initial consultation.  The TLDR version is we offer a free initial fifteen minute phone consultation with some limitations to see how we can help.

Free Notice of Appearance Form

In Washington State, you generally have twenty days from the date of service of process to provide an answer or notice of appearance to prevent a default judgment.  As it might take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to get you scheduled, it is important that you submit a notice of appearance within that time frame.  Until such time as you retain our firm, you are responsible for providing your own defense.  For a complementary notice of appearance form, just click the green header above.


For most clients, you will want to choose the area of law that best fits your situation, fill out the relevant intake form, email it in and wait for a scheduling call.  This works best if you have a single major issue or solution that you are looking for.  If this applies to you, please follow the instructions below and email your intake form to

If, however, you have a complex scenario with multiple legal issues (such as you are facing foreclosure, a credit car lawsuit, have had your car recently repossessed, but you can’t file bankruptcy), sometimes it is easier to call in directly and help us to triage your needs and walk you through the intake process.  If this applies to you, please call in at 206-535-2559 during regular business hours for assistance.

Please Provide Intake Form Prior to Calling if Applicable, See Below

COVID UPDATE: Due to Covid and the terrible condition of the economy for most individuals and small businesses, we are temporarily de-emphasizing our general consumer protection litigation practice and emphasizing our services that directly protect your home and income.  This will impact what cases we are taking until thing (hopefully) return to normal.

  1. Auto/Vehicle Issues– Auction, Dealer, Impound, Lemon Law, Repair, Repo, & Tow
    •  Cases that we are taking:
      • Collection defense cases as it pertains to repossessed vehicles, tow, repair, and vehicle loans
      • We are offering full litigation, settlement, bankruptcy, and out of court services to resolve the above
    • Cases that we are not taking:
      • Temporarily, we will not be taking any of the below cases:
      • Dealer Fraud, Repair Fraud, Lemon Law, and “As Is” Warranty of Merchantability cases
    • To Schedule:
      1. Make sure your case fits into the type of case that we are accepting
      2. Fill out a Vehicle Intake Form and send a copy to us at via email.  We will call you back during regular business hours.  Please let us know any preferred hours or special instructions and we will do our best to accommodate
  2. Bankruptcy
    • Cases that we are taking:
      • We are offering full bankruptcy petition services for both chapter 7 and chapter 13 cases
      • We are offering full litigation services for adversary proceedings, student loan hardship discharge cases, defense against creditor or trustee actions, and any other litigation matter
      • We are offering limited creditor services for non-institutional clients such as individuals and small to mid-size businesses
    • Cases that we are not taking:
      • We are currently not offering chapter 9, chapter 11, chapter 12, or Chapter 15 services due to the economic crisis and dramatic increase in individual and small to mid size business filing
    • To Schedule:
      • There are no steps you need to take prior to calling.  Call us at 206-535-2559 to schedule a free initial consultation.  We can usually accommodate same or next day scheduling barring holiday, weekend, or court conflicts.
  3. Collection Defense and Debt Settlement
  4. Consumer Protection Claim
    • Cases that we are taking:
      • We are focusing our practice upon FDCPA, FCRA, RCW 19.16, RCE 19.86, SCRA, and mortgage fraud/foreclosure litigation
      • Other consumer issues we will review on a case by case basis in light of our litigation schedule at the time of your call
    • Cases that we are not taking:
      • We are not rejecting any particular case and will review all inquiries on a case by case basis
    • To Schedule:
      1. Please draft up a brief narrative of the issue you are dealing with and email us at along with your relevant contact information and preferred call back times during regular business hours.
      2. If you do not have access to email, please call us at 206-535-2559 to discuss your circumstances with us and see how we can help.  Typically one of our paralegals will screen your facts and an attorney will contact you afterward for a consultation if it is a case that we can accept.
  5. Foreclosure Defense and/or Quiet Title Cases
    • Cases that we are taking:
      • We are emphasizing quiet title, statute of limitations (Jarvis v. FNMA), produce the note, violation of the deed of trust act, and anything involving fraud and/or robo-signing.
    • Cases that we are not taking:
      • We do not accept TILA recission cases
    • To Schedule:
      • There are no steps you need to take prior to calling.  Call us at 206-535-2559 to schedule a free initial consultation.  If you have a sale or foreclosure date, please let us know at the time of the call.
  6. Student Loan Issues
    • Cases that we are taking:
      • We are focusing on strategic consultation to determine how best to handle your loans, bankruptcy hardship discharges, collection/servicing fraud, settlement, and defense against collections.
    • Cases that we are not taking:
      • We generally recommend (for cost savings reasons) that clients submit their own IBR, ICR, or other applications for government programs
    • To Schedule:
      • Please go to our student loan page and complete the questionnaire.  Send in to
  7. Tenant Issues
    • Cases that we are taking:
      • Bankruptcy resolution to large tenant debts
      • Collection Defense
      • Deposit Return (where more than $1,000.00 in damages alleged)
      • Settlement
    • Cases that we are not taking:
      • Any non-financial issue to include discrimination, habitability, mold, etc.
    • To Schedule:
      1. Make sure that your legal issues fits into the cases that we take, generally this means it is financial in nature as it pertains to rent, deposits, and illegal charges
      2. Fill out our Tenant Intake Form and email it to
  8. All other creditor-debtor issues
    • There are no prior steps, just call 206-535-2559. Our staff can help determine if your issue is within our scope of practice and then schedule you appropriately.

Scheduling Your Free Initial Phone Consultation

The best way is to call 206-535-2559 anytime between 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday.  You can also email in at with your name, contact information, and any preferred hours.  We will call or email back as appropriate.

In general, our scheduled times are around noon and the afternoon with limited after hours spots.  We can schedule outside of that based upon need and attorney availability.  Court is usually in the morning and early afternoon so availability during those times are not consistent.