We offer free initial phone consultations for most of our practice areas subject to some restrictions and limitations. Details and disclaimers on the specifics are below.

Our intake process:

  • If you are intending to file bankruptcy, we offer a no form, quick schedule consultation.  Call 206-525-2559.
  • For all other matters, we use an email intake method
    • Email us an intake form (see below) to
    • A paralegal will follow up for any necessary documents and/or fees if applicable
    • Once your file is ready, a paralegal will contact you to schedule you with the attorney
    • Intake Form Link
  • For tenant issues, deposit return cases are free of charge.  All other issues we charge $150.00  generally.  Complex issues may be more.

NOTE: If you have been served a summons and complaint, you only have 20 days to answer or file a notice of appearance.  If you are close to the 20 day deadline, please use this form with instructions even if you have not had a chance to consult with us.  Until we have agreed to services, you are responsible for your own defense.  This will protect you from receiving a default judgment if you send a copy to both the court and opposing attorney.

Free Special Notice of Appearance Form


Free Initial Consultation Policy

Generally we offer a free initial phone consultation.  There are some exceptions based on practice area, complexity, and other factors.  To it be free, it must be:

  1. Within the scope of our practice
  2. Only 10 or less pages of legal documents to review
    • Note- most landlord tenant, lemon law, and student loan cases require extensive document review and may have a charge.
  3. During business hours on weekdays (9 am to 5 pm)
  4. By phone
  5. No more than 15 minutes
  6. Provide any additional documents or intake sheets required for analysis prior to appointment
  7. You will be scheduled into an hour long block where we will call you during that hour.  If you need a narrower time range or a specific time, let us know and we will try to accommodate.
  8. We will sometimes relax the above requirements upon request on a case by case basis, call to inquire
  9. Link to full terms and conditions for a free consultation

Types of consults that are not free:

DISCLAIMER:  Washington Debt Law reserves the right to deny a free consultation without notice if call or case volume is excessively high, if something is outside of our scope of practice, if there is staff unavailability, if a consultation would interfere with an existing case, in case of conflict of interest, or for any other reason the firm in its sole discretion determines.  Until an attorney-client relationship is established (which requires agreement by both firm and client, a signed attorney fee agreement, and required initial payment or full payment as applicable to be made), we are not your attorney and no attorney-client relationship is established.  Washington Debt Law, by setting forth these policies and terms or holding out that we may offer initial consultation does not relieve of you any duties in any case or situation you are involved in to include answering a summons and complaint, meeting a court deadline, or in actively defending yourself or mitigating any harm to yourself or to other.