We rely on word of mouth, organic search results, and reviews for our business.  If you read through our website you will see our expertise and knowledge in our areas of practice.  If you read through our reviews you will get a feel for our bedside manner, approach, and results.  If you give us a call for a free initial consultation, you will see why our reviews are consistently positive and why so many clients choose us to resolve their creditor-debtor issues.


There are many ways to judge a law firm.  The best way is to call and judge for yourself.  We offer a free initial phone consultation to go through your rights, options, and legal strategies.  We believe that our expertise and focus in debt law, excellent bedside manner, and love of what we do will help you to retain us should you need us.

However, listening to what others are saying is another good way to judge a law firm.  Our reviews reflect how our clients believe in our approach, our expertise, and our results as well as how we stand out from our peers.  We have reposted a few of our reviews below, though, we invite you to check out all of our online reviews.


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“When I was referred to Edgar, I was at the end of a complex, expensive and contentious 2.5 year divorce battle. As a consequence, I had to declare bankruptcy, which was a difficult decision for me to make. Edgar listened to my concerns and addressed each point with utter professionalism and a strategic plan that allowed me to focus on moving forward in a healthy way. . His legal representation won me my case and actually garnered a better settlement offer during the final divorce proceedings. His paralegal Chris, is also worth mentioning as she was extremely helpful throughout the whole process and went overboard to ensure I was kept up to date on everything that happened in my case. Overall, I could not have asked for a better legal team to represent me during this challenging time. I would not hesitate to recommend Edgar (and his office) to my friends, family and colleagues now and in the future.”



“I had a good attorney working on my bankruptcy case, but he did not think that I could win my case if it went to trial. He suggested that I hire Edgar Hall to litigate at the trial, so I gave Edgar a call. Boy, was that ever the right choice. Edgar was polite, confident, and prompt. He did not have much time to study for my trial, but he showed up and litigated on my behalf and needless to say, I won my case and I do get a fresh start. (I just wish that I wasn’t so old) I am grateful Edgar. Thank You!”



“Where do I begin? Edgar Hall is one of the most knowledgeable, trustworthy and honest attorneys I have ever known. When Edgar took our case, he had to take it over from an attorney unfamiliar with bankruptcy issues. The first time I spoke with Edgar over the phone, we had our first court hearing that morning. I was astonished that he was so well-prepared and knew our case as though he had handled it from the beginning. During the course of this litigation, Edgar has always kept us informed and he immediately has answered emails or telephone calls in a very timely manner.

Edgar did a wonderful job and our case resulted in a favorable outcome; however, I can honestly say that even if we had not prevailed, we would not have faulted Edgar for NOT trying. From the very beginning, Edgar was on top of our case and genuinely was compassionate concerning our circumstances. He has always been very fair in his billing practices, to his own detriment. You don’t find many attorneys like that today.

If I ever have need for an attorney in his field, I will not hesitate to call Edgar. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants an honest and knowledgeable attorney. His integrity far surpasses any attorney I have dealt with.”



“I had an urgent need for a lawyer to help me figure out what to do about a debt collection that had ended up with a court date that I was not prepared for. I called several lawyers in my area (Everett, WA) and I had to leave several messages – only one of those actually answered the phone and they were useless. None of the others returned my calls.

Imagine how relieved I was when I called Edgar Hall’s office and was able to talk to an actual person!! I spoke with Chris, Edgar’s paralegal, and was very impressed with her knowledge and understanding of the issue. Chris worked her magic and the next thing I know I’m on the phone with Edgar.

Edgar was very professional, and most importantly – honest with me. I met with Edgar’s team the next day. Edgar’s team reviewed my paperwork and gave me several options of how to proceed. Edgar also quoted me a price and not only did he stick by that amount, when we finished faster than expected, he refunded the unused portion of the money – I have never had a lawyer do that in the past for any reason.

Long story short, I believe Edgar and his team saved me a lot of money and heartache.

I’ve worked with a lot of lawyers over the years for other issues and I never felt like any of them were actually trying to represent my best interest. I always felt like I was nothing more than paycheck for them and that I could never really trust that I was getting the truth.

I cannot stress enough how easy it was to work with Edgar and his team. I would not hesitate to call Edgar’s office again. If you have debt collection issues, I give Edgar Hall my highest recommendation.”



“After 18 months of waiting to hear on a modification acceptance or denial from Bank of America and sending in our financial information five different times. Our loan was sold to Residential Credit Solutions (a secondary credit company owned by JP Morgan, that purchases bad loans) who almost immediately started the foreclosure process to take our home. They did not follow the laws as nor did Bank of America. All we wanted to accomplish was saving our home for we were not so far under as many. Also morally, it is right to pay for something we purchased. After becoming so discourage we contacted Avvo through a blog. An attorney from the South Puget Sound from this site (Avvo) turned me to Edgar Hall for assistance.

Meeting with Edgar within a week of contact (very quick response), it was the best money spent in this modification journey. Edgar did not rush us during the consult, which he had a partner in with us. He was very clear in ALL of our options and listened to what we wanted not just the easy fix. He provided us with a road to take to get a modification and a back up plan to save the home if that did not work. He also gave us a back up to the back up plan just in case. What a great knowledgeable and well attentive attorney.

We highly recommend Edgar Hall! God willing I don’t need him again but, if I do you can put a guarantee. He has our business and everyone I come into contact with will equally get this great review of him.”

-Don & Sherri

“I contacted Edgar Hall for help in a case where I was being sued by a creditor. His legal strategy was top notch, his courtesy and compassion for my situation was outstanding, and his non judgmental friendly approach was extremely comforting. This is a lawyer who really cares about all areas of the legal experience, including, how to instill confidence in the client along with an unsurpassed legal strategy.”