Small Claims Resources

As a law firm focusing in protecting our clients from their creditors, we know that a cost efficient approach to your case is appreciated.  As part of our services, we provide many free resources to help you see if you can resolve whatever legal issues you are facing without our assistance or to handle the small things prior to bringing us in for the tougher things where you need a full service firm to take over.  Please take your time to review all of the resources on our site.  You are welcome to give us a call to schedule free 15 minute phone consultation.

Small Claims Resource Guide

We appreciate you coming to our website and considering our firm to assist you.  We encourage all potential clients to consider free resources prior to retaining us if your matter is simple and the amount in controversy makes sense.  If you have questions, give us a call to see how we can help.

The page you are on now is for Small Claims Resources.  Below is our big list or resource pages by area of law.  Continue down the page for the specific Small Claims Resources.

  1. General Referrals (Pro Bono, Low Bono, Referral Services, & Government Agencies)
  2. Bankruptcy Resources
  3. Consumer Protection Resources
  4. Credit Report Resources
  5. Debt Collection Resources
  6. Family Law Resources
  7. Foreclosure Defense Resources
  8. Identity Theft
  9. Landlord Tenant Resources
  10. Lemon Law
  11. Small Claims
  12. Student Loans

Disclaimer: No attorney client relationship is formed by use of any of the below links, forms, instructions, or third party sites.  These resources are provided free of charge for use on a pro se (without an attorney) basis.  We recommend that you consult with our firm or a firm or other agency of your choosing to fully understand your rights, the availability of counter claims, and other relevant issues.


Small Claims Resources

If you need to sue someone in small claims, various government and pro bono entities have created guides to assist:

For additional help and some specific area of law assistance, go to the Washington Law Help page or in person to the Neighborhood Legal Clinic:

If you believe the amount you are owed would exceed $5,000.00, understand that you would be waiving the difference or you should bring your case in an alternate court (district, superior, or federal).

Be warned that cases can be removed from small claims and so be prepared in case your case is removed by the opposing party.