Consumer Protection Resources

As a law firm focusing in protecting our clients from their creditors, we know that a cost efficient approach to your case is appreciated.  As part of our services, we provide many free resources to help you see if you can resolve whatever legal issues you are facing without our assistance or to handle the small things prior to bringing us in for the tougher things where you need a full service firm to take over.  Please take your time to review all of the resources on our site.  You are welcome to give us a call to schedule free 15 minute phone consultation.

Consumer Protection Resources

We appreciate you coming to our website and considering our firm to assist you.  We encourage all potential clients to consider free resources prior to retaining us if your matter is simple and the amount in controversy makes sense.  If you have questions, give us a call to see how we can help.

The page you are on now is for Consumer Protection Resources.  Below is our big list or resource pages by area of law.  Continue down the page for the specific Consumer Protection Resources.

  1. General Referrals (Pro Bono, Low Bono, Referral Services, & Government Agencies)
  2. Bankruptcy Resources
  3. Consumer Protection Resources
  4. Credit Report Resources
  5. Debt Collection Resources
  6. Family Law Resources
  7. Foreclosure Defense Resources
  8. Identity Theft
  9. Landlord Tenant Resources
  10. Lemon Law
  11. Small Claims
  12. Student Loans

Disclaimer: No attorney client relationship is formed by use of any of the below links, forms, instructions, or third party sites.  These resources are provided free of charge for use on a pro se (without an attorney) basis.  We recommend that you consult with our firm or a firm or other agency of your choosing to fully understand your rights, the availability of counter claims, and other relevant issues.


Consumer Protection Resources

There are numerous resources out there if your rights have been violated.  The best two to start with are the CFBP and Washington State Attorney General.  DFI sometimes applies depending upon the type of entity you are dealing with.  Beyond government entities, there is also the do it yourself approach along with social media.  Sometimes out of court options can create better effects.

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau

We highly recommend you visit this site.  There are sample letters, explanations, and you can complain about a creditor all in this nice, one stop shop.

WA State Attorney General: Consumer Protection Division

This is an excellent site that provides similar services to the CFBP but on a local level and includes many explanations, guides, and other links.  In many instances, contacting the AG and filing a report can resolve your issue.

WA State Department of Financial Institutions

This entity has various responsibilities for policing pay day lenders, issuing consumer reports and fraud alerts, and many more.  You can also verify licenses as well as make reports.

Research Existing Class Actions already Filed

There are many class action firms.  It is very possible that the issue you are facing has already been litigated.  If you were to contact us, that is going to be one of the first things we would do and likely refer you on if the litigation is ongoing and it makes sense.  We recommend you check this out first.  If you need help deciding whether to join or pursue your rights individually, give us a call to discuss your rights.

Media, Social Media, & Protest

There are non-court options to include media and old school protest.  Depending upon the issue and the opponent, this may make sense over litigation or in conjunction with litigation.  In general, our advice is to be careful what you say, ensure you are not engaging in libel, slander, or other torts, and consider having what you might say reviewed in advance to make sure you don’t run the risk of a counterclaim.