Pro Se Assistance & Ghost Writing Services

Some people prefer to represent themselves.  We support that.  We can help as little or as much as you require.  We can take over if you feel like you are in over your head or we can lend support and back office assistance if all you need.

Pro Se Assistance: We Can Help You Represent Yourself

Whether due to preference, budget, or principle, we can help you to represent yourself.  We can assist you with procedure, ghost writing, mock trial, and preparing for hearings and trial.  We are somewhat limited as state rules allow full “ghost” representation while federal rules require us to appear.

Advantages of Assisted Pro Se Representation

There are numerous advantages of having us help you to represent yourself over direct representation.  First and foremost it is less expensive.  Second, we will be familiar with your case and can jump in any time that you feel you are in over your head.  Third, the opposing side will not know what to expect and that can have certain benefits.

We Can Only Help In State Court Cases

Washington State Legal Ethics allows ghost writing and ghost representation.  Federal ethics and court procedures do not.  If you need help on a state court case we have no limitation.  In federal court cases, it depends on the type of advice and what you are trying to do on whether we can help or not.  Feel free to call and inquire.

Pro Se Assistance Services

We can handle as little or as much of your case as you need to include explaining the law, legal defenses, and how best to argue your case.  Services we can offer include:

  • Answer to complaint
  • Case and document review
  • Consultation on your case to include strategy, documents, pleadings, etc
  • Discovery assistance to include serving discovery and answering discovery
  • Drafting a complaint, response, motion, or other legal pleading
  • Preparing you for argument or trial
  • Strategy consultation
  • Trial preparation services

Call us today for a free consultation to see how we can assist you in representing yourself.  We offer a free initial phone consultation.  (206) 535-2559.