Real Property Attorneys

We are experienced in handling real property issues.  Please review our areas of emphasis below and read more about our services.

Property Services:

Washington Debt Law offers a range of property services.  While we can handle any issue ranging from purchase and sale to boundary disputes, our focus is on creditor-debtor issues relating to property such as foreclosure issues, disputes with your COA or HOA, landlord and tenant matters with an emphasis on damage and deposit issues, and family law related sales and partitions.  We offer a complementary initial phone consultation so call today to see how we can help.  See our list of areas of property practice and services that we provide.

General Real Estate Issues

General real estate issues typically include purchase and sale agreements, for sale by owner (FSBO), boundary disputes, and other issues.  As a boutique firm, we do not handle large volume general issues so please call to see if your issue is one that makes sense for us to handle.

COA and HOA Issues

Collection & Foreclosure Defense, Disputes with Association, Defense against actions by Association.

Family Law Related Property Issues

If you were awarded the house in the divorce or if your ex was awarded the house and there are now issues relating to contempt, sale & partition, failure to refinance or pay the mortgage, and violations of the divorce decree or property settlement agreement, we can help.

Foreclosure Defense & Litigation

If you are facing foreclosure, we can help.  We can handle any situation that you are dealing with including Judicial Foreclosure, Non-Judicial Foreclosure, Sheriff Sale, Quiet Title, Loan Modification, Produce the Note Litigation , Standing Arguments, TILA Recission, Securitization & PSA Issues, Signature Fraud, Errors in Endorsements or Chain of Tile, and more.

Landlord Tenant

We are a full service firm and can handle any residential or commercial landlord tenant issue, however, our boutique approach does not lend itself to routine unlawful detainer-eviction representation or in possession litigation for tenants.

Loan Modification

We offer loan modification services under the Foreclosure Fairness Mediation Act as well as can assist in the loan modification process outside of the program, as a work out during litigation, or as an option inside of a chapter 13 bankruptcy case.

Timeshare Exit Litigation

We offer settlement, litigation, foreclosure, and bankruptcy options to resolve timeshare ownership issues.