Landlord Tenant Attorneys

We are experienced with landlord tenant law.  We handle both tenant and landlord clients with an emphasis on post possession collection and suits for damages.

Landlord Tenant Services

We represent both Landlords and Tenants.  We offer a full suite of services for Landlords and Commercial Tenants.

However, due to the sheer volume of calls, our Residential Tenant services are limited to only post move out collection and deposit issues.  We refer out all other Residential Tenant services, including eviction, to other firms.  This is done in effort to preserve our identity as a debt defense firm first and foremost and to continue to provide free initial consultations.

Commercial Tenant Services

Landlord Services

Mobile Home Landlord and Tenant Services

Residential Tenant Services

Our Residential Tenant services are limited to defending post move out collection issues and suing landlords for return of your deposit.  For a landlord to retain any of your deposit, they must have a signed walkthrough and also have sent you an itemized checklist (see RCW 59.18.280).  The charges also need to be reasonable.  If a landlord unlawfully retains your deposit, you may be entitled to double your deposit back and attorney fees.