Initial Intake Form Page

Thank you for considering our firm to assist with your legal needs.  Due to our high volume of calls and the lack of consumer protection and debt defense firms in Washington State, we use the below intake methods.  This is to allow us to efficiently respond to existing clients and prospective clients alike.

Bankruptcy Inquiries:

If you are wanting to file for bankruptcy protection or understand your rights, you do not need to fill out the below form or provide any advance documents.  This policy is due to the time sensitivity almost always involved.

    Process: Call 206-535-2559 to schedule.  We do our best to get you in for same or next day appointments.

All other matters:

Due to volume, we use an email intake system that asks three basic questions.  We then follow up with you after receiving the initial intake.


  1. Either cut and paste the suggested form below (preferred) or email us something substantially the same that gives us contact information, if your matter is time sensitive, a brief description, and any documents as specified.
  2. Send the email in to, please allow 24-48 hours (excluding weekends) to process.
  3. A paralegal will contact you either to schedule or request documentation and/or fees if the issue requires extensive time or document review.  Unless requested, it is not necessary to send us any initial documents.
  4. Note- for tenant matters, deposit return cases are a free consultation.  All other tenant issues we generally charge $150.00 for the consultation, though it varies by complexity.

Emergency Matters: 

We are not always able to assist if the timeframe is too short.  You can call 206-535-2559 to see if we can help.  In general, we are not able to take bankruptcy cases with less than two week’s notice.  You can, however, file a pro se petition and we can likely fix any issues afterward.


Please use the below form via cut and past or an email that provides the same information in organized fashion
Send completed form to
Any additional information you would like us to know or specific instructions:
  • Example 1: I am calling on behalf of my son
  • Example 2: My name is pronounced as follows
  • Example 3: Please only communicate by email and do not call during work hours
If you have a deadline such as a foreclosure sale date or date to answer a complaint by or if you are being garnished, please let us know both what and when.  It is essential to let us know if you were served a complaint, the date of service.
  • Example 1: I am being garnished, it started last week.
  • Example 2: I was served legal papers on August 10th with 20 days to answer
  • Example 3: I have a foreclosure sale date in two months on October 15th
  • Example 1: I am considering bankruptcy and would like to know my rights.
  • Example 2: I have been sued by a debt collector for $10,000.00 and would like to talk to someone.
  • Example 3: My landlord is claiming $15,000.00 in damages and a collection agency has contacted me
  • Note: You can provide longer explanations as necessary, but this intake form is just a quick screening so we know what information to ask for and to make sure we can help.  We just need the basics at this stage.
  • All documents should be in a single document in PDF format when possible or via FAX at 206-374-2749
  • Bankruptcy Cases: no documents required
  • Collection Cases: send a copy of the demand or summons/complaint
  • Foreclosure Cases: send a copy of the notice of default, notice of sale, or complaint
  • Tenant Cases:
    • If Deposit case: send damage itemization in all instance and demand/complaint if you have one
    • Other tenant issues: no documents required with the intake, our staff will tell you what we need later
  • All Other Cases: no documents required with the intake, our staff will tell you what we need later