Family Law Debt

We are not family lawyers.  We do not handle divorces, custody, or temporary orders.  We are debt lawyers.  We focus on the financial aspects relating to dissolution.  We can help you to cooperatively discharge debt prior to divorce if you are amicable with your partner.  We can help you to avoid debts or to keep your ex partner from escaping their liability.  We typically work in tandem with your family law attorney or help you directly prior or after dissolution.  Call us to see how we can help.

Family law Debt Attorneys

Our focus is on the financial aspects of dissolution.  You are not just divorcing your ex as a person, you are divorcing the debts, the house, the assets, and ongoing liabilities.  Just because you have a divorce decree that states your ex will refinance or sell the house or pay you an offsetting judgment does not mean they will.  We are here to resolve debt issues that spawn from a dissolution, whether you are the one that owes or is the one who is owed.


Free Resources

We work with many private law firms that are focused in family law.  Ask us for a referral if you are expecting a high conflict dissolution or contested motions or would just prefer an attorney to handle your legal needs.  If, however, you are on a budget and want to try to get through your dissolution or contested motion as inexpensively as possible, below are some options that can help.