Debt Solutions

Debts can be solved in many ways. From a legal perspective, bankruptcy, litigation, and settlements are the most common. From an out of court perspective, debt can be resolved via avoidance strategies, pressure, finance, and other means. We focus on finding the strengths and weaknesses of your situation and resolving it in the most cost effective manner.

How we can help

Most debts can be resolved through one of four ways: bankruptcy, litigation, settlement, and out of court options. We review your situation from all four prisms and match each debt to the best technique to resolve.

Bankruptcy Options

Bankruptcy should always be seen as a last resort but, in some situations, may be the best option. Some debts can be discharged and some can’t. For those that can’t, they can be amortized in the bankruptcy process or cash flow freed up to pay debts that are non-dischargable. We offer full service bankruptcy representations from petition preparation to adversarial litigation.

Litigation Options

We offer a wide range of services from motion practice to full trial representation. For most clients, this means we are defending against collection claims and alleging counter claims under the FDCPA, RCW 19.16, and RC 19.86. For some clients, this means we are looking at consumer protection suits, suits for fraud, or class actions.

Settlement Options

Leverage is the most important aspect of settlement. By being able to threaten litigation, bankruptcy, or other types of avenues of debt avoidance, we can use settlement as an effective strategy.

Out of Court and Out of the Box Options

This is an extremely broad category. This includes things such as being or becoming judgment proof, structuring yourself so that garnishment would be ineffective, social media approaches, finance options, reporting fraud to authority, and many more. If you need something handled outside of court or need an out of the box solution, call us to see how we can help.

Strategic Consultation

Whenever you have a complex or difficult situation, it often requires sitting down with you and hashing out the numbers and strategy. We work with clients to prepare for the present and the future to resolve debt issues. If you have questions, we have answers.