Consumer Protection Litigation

Consumer protection laws represent both a shield and a sword.  As a shield, violations of law allow offset or protection against creditor claims.  As a sword, you may be able to obtain damages in excess of any debts owed or as compensation for harms suffered.  While federal consumer protection laws generally only benefit individuals (not businesses), Washington State laws often benefit both businesses and individuals.  Call today to see if your rights have been violated and how we can help.

Consumer Protection Services

Washington Debt Law offers a wide range of consumer protection services.  Most of them are divided among our various practice areas.  This page represents an A-Z list of the many consumer protection services we offer.  In many instances, if we sue under one or more of the below statutes, the prevailing party is entitled to attorney fees (meaning if we win, the other side pays for our services).  This means we can offer contingency representation if your facts are strong enough.