Collection Defense- Scheduling & Free Forms

Thank you for considering our firm to help defend you from your creditors.  Please review our free consultation procedures and complete any requested forms prior to scheduling your appointment.  We look forward to helping you.

Collection Defense Scheduling & Free Forms

We appreciate you contacting us regarding your debt issue.  The first thing we need to determine is if we can assist in a cost effective manner.  Our screening checklist is as follows:

  1. Are you being sued for $5,000.00 or more?  If yes, go down to our scheduling section below.
  2. If you are being sued for less than $5,000.00, there are two situations where we can help:
    • If your total debts aggregate to $10,000.00 or more, and/or
    • There was some sort of substantive consumer protection violation.  Examples include but are not limited to:
      • Seeking incorrect amounts or amounts not authorized by law or contract
      • Creditors threatening actions that they cannot take or do not intend to take
      • Creditors pretending to be police, government agencies, or threatening arrest
      • Creditors generally using profane language
      • NOTE– you generally will need evidence in written, recorded, or provable form that is admissible.  Verbal allegations alone will become a he said she said battle.
    • If either of the above apply, go to our scheduling section below.
  3. If the total you are being sued for is less than $5,000.00, your total debts are less than $10,000.00, and there are no consumer protection violations, generally it will be very hard to cost effectively help you.  We have created this debt collection resource page to assist you.  The page includes options to defend yourself, free forms, and referrals to pro bono agencies who can help.

General Dispute Forms:

To Schedule:

  1. Prior to calling us, if you have received a summons and complaint, you must answer within twenty days.  Please download and send a Free Special Notice of Appearance Form (form and instructions attached) to the attorney who sued you (and to the court if there is a case number) to avoid default.  This will buy you a month or two so that you can schedule a free initial phone consultation without time pressure.
  2. If you have not been sued yet (collections phase),
  3. If you have any of these types of debts, please gather the documents we need to analyze your case and be prepared to answer the relevant questions.
    • Auto Debt
    • Credit Card Debt
      • No specific documents required
      • Be prepared to discuss a) when your last payment was, b) if you believe the debt is your, c) if the amount makes sense (with interest and fees), d) if there are any defenses that you are aware of
    • Criminal Debt
      • No specific documents required
      • We will need to know how much of the debt is restitution
      • We will need to now how much of your debt is LFO
      • We will need to know when judgment was rendered and when total confinement ended
      • See our criminal debt page for more information
    • Family Law Debt
      • Having your dissolution and property settlement paperwork handy is nice but not necessary
      • We need to know if the debt is alimony, maintenance, or support or if it is a property settlement
      • See our family law debt page
    • Landlord Tenant Debt
      • See our landlord tenant page for our guidelines on cases we take and the questions we ask
      • Self screen and call in to schedule if you meet our guidelines, please provide the itemized list of damages sent after move out
    • Medical Debt
      • We generally will need to know when the medical services were rendered
      • We need to know if you applied or charity care and if so what was the decision, see also our medical debt and charity care page
      • We need to know who checked you in and if you presented your medical card
      • If you were not insured, call and schedule.  If you were insured, please send in an intake form prior to calling to schedule..
      • Medical Debt incurred while insured: Please choose one of the below options:
    • Mortgage Debt/Foreclosure
      • Provide any complaint or judicial foreclosure, notice of default, notice of sale
      • We can take you call without the above documents but it makes it easier
    • Student Loan Debt
    • Time Share Debt
      • go to our timeshare page
      • Let us know how you were approached regarding the timeshare and if you are in collections
  4. We are open Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm.  After hours, email is the best way to reach us.  After hours appointments can be accommodated on a case by case basis and require attorney availability and permission.
  5. Call in at (206) 535-2559 or email to receive an email or call back to schedule.


Full Contact Information for the Firm: Firm locations, phone, fax, and email to help you send us information necessary for your consultation.

For an explanation of Fees and our Initial Consult Terms & Policies, go to our Fees Page.