Seattle Municipal Code 22.206.160

Extra Rights for Seattle Tenants & Pitfalls for Landlords


Residential tenancies are governed by RCW 59.18 in the state of Washington.  However, these rules are modified in the city of Seattle by Seattle Municipal Code 22.206.160.

For tenants, this is a bonus as it puts a just cause eviction requirement and places additional duties and limitations on landlords.  For landlords, it usually represents additional work and pitfalls to work around.

The just cause ordinance is the most potent aspect of SMC 22.206.160.  On overview of the statute can be found here.  Some of the most common just cause conditions include:

A tip guide for landlords created by the City of Seattle is also a helpful resource and can be found here.

A tip guide for tenants can be found here.

If you live or rent in the city of Seattle, be sure to know your rights under this municipal code!