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Our practice is protecting you from your creditors.  We exclusively represent individuals and small to mid size businesses against creditors.  We focus on creditor-debtor litigation, consumer protection claims, foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, settlement, and out of court resolution.

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Types of Solutions We Offer

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Whether you need to protect your business, save your home, sue a debt collector, or resolve your student loans- we can help.  Call us today for a free initial phone consultation.  206-535-2559.



Debt Defense By Creditor Attorneys

Washington Debt Law was founded to provide boutique level representation to individuals and small to mid size businesses in resolving debt issues and protecting assets.  All of our Attorneys and Staff have spent time on both the consumer and creditor side and understand the nuances of both.  We use a strategic approach to create a custom solution to your specific situation by matching the best solution or solutions to your situation.  Sometimes this requires only a single approach while other times we use a multi tiered approach across several practice areas utilizing a different techniques to handle your specific situation.  The chart below shows a non comprehensive overview of the types of areas we practice in, the types of debts we handle, and the types of solutions we offer.  Debt defense is not a one size fits all approach and it means more than bankruptcy, it is an art when done properly.    

“Instead of trying to impose on his mind, he adjusts himself to his opponent like water pressing on an earthen wall. It flows through the slightest crack. There is nothing to try to do but try to be purposeless and formless, like water. All of his classical techniques and standard styles are minimized, if not wiped out, and nothingness prevails. He is no longer confined.”

-Bruce Lee


  • Auto & Lemon Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Collections Defense
  • Consumer Protection
  • Family Law Debts
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Landlord Tenant
  • Litigation & Trials
  • Student Loans


  • Auto Related
  • Business
  • COA & HOA
  • Credit Card
  • Criminal & Govt. Fines
  • Family Law Related
  • Medical
  • Military Related
  • Mortgage
  • Payday Lenders
  • Student Loans


  • Appeals
  • Arbitration & Mediation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Counterclaims
  • Finance Strategies
  • Judgment Proofing
  • Litigation & Trial
  • Out of Court Options
  • Out of the Box Options
  • Settlement/Negotiation
  • Strategic Consultation

Why Choose Washington Debt Law?

  1. We have extensive creditor and debtor side experience.  All of our attorneys and staff have done creditor work.  This experience gives us an insight that allows us to deal with creditors and debts more effectively than attorneys who have never walked on the “dark side” so to speak.  We know how creditors think because we have been in their shoes.
  2. We limit our practice to debt related issues and related consumer protections.  We do not practice “door law” which is when you take whatever walks through your door.  If you have a personal injury case or a divorce, we will refer you out.  We prefer to be deep dive level specialists rather than generalists and this focus shows in our results and the extent of debt issues that we are able to handle.
  3. We are a full service debt relief firm.  Some firms resolve debts only through bankruptcy.  We resolve debt through settlement, litigation, bankruptcy, and out of court options to include finance, government program, advise on social media/political approaches, and other options.  We can handle cases in and out of court and can represent you all the way to trial and beyond.
  4. We have solutions when bankruptcy is not an option.  Some people don’t want to file, some shouldn’t file, and some can’t file.  It might be a security clearance or license issue or too many assets or that you recently filed.  Whatever your reason, we can litigate, settle, and/or resolve the issue outside of court as necessary.  We are more than a one trick pony when it comes to resolving debts.
  5. We only practice in Washington State.  We are local.  We know the laws and are familiar with the court system.  We handle Federal, State, and Bankruptcy cases here in Washington.
  6. Our prices.  You get large firm expertise at small firm prices.  We start with a free initial phone consultation and offer an array of reasonable flat fee services.  We also offer hourly and contingent representation depending upon the facts of your case.  Being debt specialists, we are accustomed to working efficiently whatever your budget.
  7. Our reviews speak for themselves and show our client’s satisfaction, level of customer service, and results.


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No matter whether you are facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, garnishment, or other debt related issues, we can help. We offer a free initial phone consultation and have convenient locations throughout the Puget Sound.  We also offer remote representation options for clients in Eastern Washington or to out of state clients if your matter is centered in Washington.  Call today to see how we can help!