Washington Debt Law strives to maintain the highest level of customer service and legal results.  To see some of the positive things past clients have said, please review Managing Attorney Edgar Hall’s Client Reviews on Avvo.com.  Edgar maintains a 10.0 rating on AVVO and a consistent 5 star review by his clients.  Below are excerpts from just a few of the many positive reviews that we have received.

Collection Defense Client: Working with Edgar & Chris was an absolute pleasure (5/5 stars)

Foreclosure Mediation Client: Have him on your side! (5/5 stars)

Landlord/Tenant Client: Attorney with Integrity (5/5 stars)

Debt Settlement Client: Finally a lawyer that I felt was completely honest and upfront with me (5/5 stars)

Foreclosure Client: Fraudulent foreclosure help (5/5 stars)

Bankruptcy Client: Helpful bankruptcy expert (5/5 stars)


You can judge a firm’s results by their client’s satisfaction.  Our testimonials speak for themselves.  While we cannot offer a guarantee of a particular outcome, we can offer you the best representation that we can possibly deliver.  Regardless of whether your matter is large or small, we strive to deliver the best results possible. 

For our practice, many of our cases are handled outside of court and are not flashy.  This includes consulting, planning strategic bankruptcies that will discharge large amounts of debt, and forcing creditors to settle or choose not to file a complaint.  Our focus on your overall financial health often means we recommend avoiding costly litigation unless the cost benefit analysis favors doing so.  However, when necessary, we can and do take cases to trial.  We typically have several cases in litigation at any given time.  Below are some of our representative cases and case outcomes:

Collection Case- Dismissed.  Our client had a common first and last name.  Summons and complaint was filed without a middle name and the documentation the creditor had also did not include it.  With only filing an answer, the creditor chose to let the case dismiss rather than fight an expensive battle to prove our client was the proper party to be sued.

Collection Case- Summary Judgment Withdrawn and presently in litigation.  Creditor chose to charge over 100% annual interest in their calculations.  We noticed the discrepancy immediately and filed a strong response to the motion for summary judgment.  We are now pursuing counter claims.

Collection Case- Settled for .20 cents on the dollar on a $15,000.00 debt.  Client preferred not to file a bankruptcy if possible.  We pushed hard and obtained a settlement that would not cost excessively more than if a bankruptcy was filed.

Foreclosure Case- Settlement of $17,000.00, Loan Modification.  A client was being foreclosed upon wrongfully.  We filed her into a chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure.  We proposed to pay only the contract rate while we objected to unauthorized arrears by filing an adversary proceeding.  Opposing parties settled, offered a favorable loan modification, and we resolved the case favorably.

Foreclosure Mediation Case– Client was facing foreclosure.  We filed him into the foreclosure mediation program.  He was offered and accepted a loan modification.  The foreclosure was averted and bankruptcy was not necessary.

Landlord Tenant Case- Unlawful Detainer Case Dismissed.  The mother of client needed day to day assistance.  Our client lived with his mother rent free in exchange for helping her.  Brother moved mother to a home and tried to evict our client.  We argued that his situation was a tenancy at will, which is not covered by the landlord tenant act.  Judge agreed and dismissed the case.

Landlord Tenant Case- Unlawful Detainer Case Dismissed.  Client’s landlord raised rent without notice and tried to evict on that basis.  Case dismissed.