Price is an important factor to consider when choosing an attorney.  While we cannot give specific quotes as each case will vary based upon your unique situation and specific facts, we do our best to offer price ranges up front and can narrow that down during our initial consultation process.  Call us today to see how we can help.

Pricing & Fees

We offer flat fee, hourly, and contingent options depending upon the type of legal issue and your specific facts.  It is challenging to give a specific quote without reviewing your specific facts to determine the complexity of your case.  To help us understand how to help and to give you a quote, we start off with an initial phone consultation.

General Flat Fee Service Price Ranges

Hourly & Contingent Areas of Practices

These practice areas are typically too complex and involved to offer a price range up front.  It is possible after initial consult, depending upon the issue, to develop a flat fee, hourly, or contingent quote.


Initial Consultation Policy

As one of the only full service consumer law firms in Washington State, we do our best to provide a free initial consultation to each potential client who contacts us.  However, because of our high call volume and the complexity of some issues, we are not able to offer free initial consultations equally across our practice or in times of particularly high volume.  The chart below shows which types of issues fall within our free initial consult policy and which issues are outside of our policy.

For a consultation to be free, it must be a) during business hours, b) by phone, c) no more than 15 minutes, d) no more than 10 pages of documents to be reviewed, and e) any additional documents or intake sheets to be provided prior to meeting.  Firm will sometimes relax or waive these requirements but its a case by case decision.  The consultation will be scheduled in an hour long block with the attorney or staff to call you sometime during the appointed time.  We cannot guarantee a specific time but you can give us a request and we will try to meet it.

If you require your initial consultation to be a) during off hours, b) in person, c) longer than 15 minutes, d) more than 10 pages of documents to be reviewed, and/or e) not providing necessary documents/intake sheets, we may need to charge and reserve the right to do so.  Please let us know any accommodations you may need and we will try to see if we can fit you in or relax our standards to try to provide for a free initial consultation if our schedule and case load allows.

Free consultations are scheduled in hour long blocks and we will call you sometime during that hour.  Some calls go long while others go short and so much like a doctor’s office, we do our best to contact you as soon as we can within the hour range.  If you require a very specific time, a longer consultation, or other accommodations, please see our paid consultation section below.


Paid Consultations

Paid consultations tend to be longer, allow for a more complete analysis, and are more appropriate for complex situations.  If we are unable give a reasonable review and analysis of your situation within the constraints of a free consultation due to the complexity of your case, we may require a paid consultation.  Likewise, if you require certain accommodations, we may need to charge an additional fee.  Our standard additional fee schedule is as follows:








  • Chapter 7, 11, 13 screening
  • Adversarial Issue screening
  • General inquiry on whether Bankruptcy is the right option
  • Strategic consultation regarding long term bankruptcy planning ($300 flat for 1.5 hour in person or phone meeting)
  • Review of existing adversary proceeding (price varies)
Debt Defense



  • Review of Summons & Complaint and discussion of options to resolve
  • Review of Judgment/Garnishment and discussion of options to resolve
  • Review of Debt Settlement, Bankruptcy, or Litigation options
  • Review of Motion for Summary Judgment, supporting documents, and accounting for defenses and counterclaims ($150.00 flat)
  • Review of Garnishment/Judgment in depth for accounting errors & post judgment remedies ($300.00 flat)
Foreclosure Defense



  • General Discussion of bankruptcy, litigation, mediation, and other options
  • Judicial Foreclosure- review of summons and complaint
  • Non-Judicial Foreclosure- review of Notice of Default/Sale
  •  Review of lengthy accounting, title documents, transfer history, securitization audit, etc. (starts at $500.00 and may vary upon complexity and length of history)
  • In person or on phone meeting to discuss strategic options and creating a game plan to implement ($300.00 flat for 1.5 hour meeting)
Landlord Tenant











  • As one of the only LLT firms in WA that handles tenant rights, our call volume does not allow free consultations generally.  Exceptions to this policy listed below.
  • Please visit our resource page for free and pro bono options!  We prefer to take cases where you need an attorneys assistance and firmly believe in self help when possible.
  • Deposit return cases or collection cases relating to your tenancy
  • Eviction or Ejectment of a tenant for landlord clients
  • Medical harm cases relating to mold
  • Property loss scenarios to include fire, flood, or catastrophe
  • Right to sue letter issued regarding discrimination, harassment, fair housing issues, etc.
  • Defense against Eviction or Ejection ($150.00 for initial consultation, discussion of rights & defenses)
  • Discussions as to your rights under your lease or the law ($150.00 flat)
  • Lease Review ($150.00 flat residential, $300.00 or more for commercial leases)
  • Letters to your landlord ($150.00 to $300.00 generally, depending on complexity)







Lemon Law, Auto Dealer/Repair Issues, Tow Truck/Impound Issues, Auction Issues




  • Auto Dealer Fraud (bushing/yo yo financing, signature fraud, etc)
  • Auto Repair fraud where initial quote exceeded w/o authorization
  • Class Action Issues
  • Lemon law cases where it is a new car within statutory requirements
  • Purchase of a stolen vehicle form a dealer/lot
  • Tow Truck/Impound/Auction issues where you received no notice or excessive fees
  • Auto Repair where competency, quality, or fraud alleged ($150.00 flat)
  • Warranty issues (original or after market, $150.00 flat)
  • Warranty of Merchantability on a used car/used car lemon law ($150.00 flat)




Student Loan



  •  General discussion of options including bankruptcy, litigation, and settlement and intake sheet completed first
  • Review of federal garnishment
  • Review of summons and complaint if you have been sued
  • Full review of your situation including Bruner test factors for dischargability, review of principal and interest for possible accounting errors, and strategic options to resolve ($300.00 flat, 1 hour)
Other Areas



  • We strive to always offer a free 15 minute phone consultation
  • If you are not sure what you need or how we can help, give us a call on our dime and we will see what we can do for you
  • Our general hourly rate is $300.00/hour
  • Time can be purchased in 15 minute, 30 minute, and hour increments
  • For complex consultations we typically offer a discounted flat fee rate, call for details and pricing



DISCLAIMER:  Washington Debt Law reserves the right to deny a free consultation without notice if call or case volume is excessively high, if something is outside of our scope of practice, if there is staff unavailability, if a consultation would interfere with an existing case, in case of conflict of interest, or for any other reason the firm in its sole discretion determines.  Until an attorney-client relationship is established (which requires agreement by both firm and client, a signed attorney fee agreement, and required initial payment or full payment as applicable to be made), we are not your attorney and no attorney-client relationship is established.  Washington Debt Law, by setting forth these policies and terms or holding out that we may offer initial consultation does not relieve of you any duties in any case or situation you are involved in to include answering a summons and complaint, meeting a court deadline, or in actively defending yourself or mitigating any harm to yourself or to other.