Government Fines & Criminal Debts

Fines from Government Agencies, traffic tickets, and Criminal Debts require special steps to address.  Generally, these types of debts are not dischargeable under 11 USC 523(a).  There are some exceptions which would require specific analysis.

Despite the general non-dischargeability of these types of debts, Bankruptcy can provide options.  By amortizing debts owed in a Chapter 13, it can avoid garnishment fees, probation violation, interest, and can reinstate your driver’s license.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can discharge other debts to free up the cash flow to pay.  It is possible to do both, what is commonly known as Chapter 20.

It is also possible to reduce interest on Legal Financial Obligations or to attack the Order by attacking the failure to consider the ability to pay.

Other defenses and strategy such as settlement, attacking unfair collection practices, or objecting to the amount demanded if it is not correct all apply as well.

If you have government fines or criminal debt, we can explain your rights and help create strategies to resolve them.