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A Different Approach to Debt Relief

We pride ourselves on taking a different approach to debt relief than bankruptcy only and multi-state consumer protection firms.  Our approach can be summed up by three pillars of our practice: 1) our attorneys are all former creditor attorneys, 2) we focus on a strategic approach that benefits the bottom line, 3) we are a local firm with a single focus in Debt Relief.  In addition, we reserve Bankruptcy as the last option rather than the first and we also are willing to go after creditors with both counter claims and plaintiff suits.

Our Attorneys have all worked on the Creditor side

If you are facing a criminal charge, you want a former prosecutor to represent you.  If you are facing a tax issue, you want a former IRS attorney to represent you.  If you are facing a creditor, you want a former creditor to represent you.

The reason is simple, your attorney understands how the other side thinks, the budget and limitations they face, and what deals they are likely to be authorized to make.  As former creditor attorneys, we bring a strategic advantage to representing you against your creditors.

A Strategic Focus that Benefits the Bottom Line

Debt relief means more than Bankruptcy.  Debt relief is looking at your overall financial profile, determining what legal methods are available to you to handle your circumstances, and then prioritizing solutions by cost effectiveness and effectiveness of results.  To create this strategic approach, it requires being able to practice in multiple areas of debt related law and being able to represent a client in State, Federal, and Bankruptcy court.  Not only can we do this, this is all we do.

We emphasize protecting your bottom line in two ways.  First, by focusing on strategy, we can maximize your debt relief which directly reduces or avoids the debt.  Second, we offer free initial phone consultations, offer flat fee and contingency options, and always discuss the cost benefit analysis of any legal service we offer.  Our policy is if our services would cost more than the economic benefit you would receive, then we do not recommend our services.

We are a Local Firm with a Single Focus

We only handle Debt issues.  By only handling one type of legal issue across multiple areas of law, we are very good at what we do because it is all we do.

We only represent clients in Washington State.  We take the time to get to know our local courts, our local judges, and our local rules.  We do not get hometowned by other firms, we hometown them.  Most creditors are large, multi-state firms with attorneys who are not invested in their local community.  We are the opposite, we proudly live where we work.

As a local firm with a single focus, we bring a sophisticated approach and quality results.  Our reviews show the appreciation of our clients with our approach and results.

Unlike Many Firms, Bankruptcy is Not our First Option, it’s our Last

Many firms want to use bankruptcy as a one size fits all approach to solving debt problems. As a full-service debt relief firm we take the time to walk you through all of your options. Sometimes a debt can be settled out of court with no need for bankruptcy. Other times, a debt must be litigated as bankruptcy is not an option. Bankruptcy is merely one tool among many. We can help you determine if it is the right tool or if another option may be better suited to improving your financial position.

Suing Abusive Creditors

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.  We can go after creditor violations of your rights to offset or exceed what you may owe.  We know how to go through mortgage accountings for errors, itemized statements on credit cards, run interest calculations by hand to ensure accuracy, and also to screen for violations of consumer protection laws.  In many instances, consumer protections laws such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Washington Consumer Protection Act allow for statutory damages and your attorney fees to be paid by the opposing party.  Whether you are trying to get a mortgage servicer to “produce the note” or you need to sue a creditor for fraud, we can help!

Call Us Today, We Can Help (206) 535-2559

Without representation, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to stop these types of abuses from ruining your credit or forcing you into default.

Choosing our firm to represent you will provide you with the best chance to successfully defend yourself against abusive debt collectors, banks, and foreclosure trustees. Don’t sleep on your legal rights and risk losing them. Call us today for a free phone consultation.