About Washington Debt Law

Who We Are

Washington Debt Law is a boutique law firm that focuses on helping individuals and small business owners in the areas of debt defense, consumer protection, and asset protection.  Specific practice areas include bankruptcy, collection defense, foreclosure defense, lemon law, landlord tenant, and student loans.  We have three convenient offices throughout the Puget Sound in Seattle, Everett, and Tacoma and can remotely represent clients throughout the rest of Washington.  We use a cost effective and creative approach to dealing with your creditors.

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Why Choose Us?

  1. We have a narrow focus of practice in debt law and related areas.
  2. We love what we do.  If you get us talking, we will likely end up quoting code and explaining common law defenses that evolved from Roman and Medieval European jurisprudence.
  3. We believe debt defense means more than bankruptcy.  It means leveraging any and all techniques from out of court options to full trial representation in state or federal court.  Though sometimes, bankruptcy is the first and best call.
  4. We can offer contingent representation for consumer counterclaims under the FDCPA, RCW 19.16, RCW 19.86, and other similar statutes.
  5. Out of the box solutions.  Not every answer requires a legal solution, sometimes its as simple as using a bridge loan from a hard money lender to settle a debt and then obtain a regular bank loan at good terms later.  We are creative thinkers.
  6. All of our attorneys and staff have creditor and consumer experience.  This balanced perspective gives us an advantage in our approach and in finding solutions.
  7. Our policy is to only take cases where our involvement will, or likely will, save you more money using our services than if you did not.  If you don’t have a strong case or if we feel that litigation would be too risky or waste your money, we will tell you.
  8. We are local and only handle Washington based cases.  We rely on our reputation and reviews in our local community, not expensive ad campaigns designed to trick those who do not price or reputation check.
  9. Because our practice is so narrow and we have great depth of experience, we are able to offer very competitive flat fee, hourly, and contingent options.
  10. We have a great bedside manner and emphasize a direct, plain spoken approach with our clients.  Go online and check out our reviews.  Our past and present clients have great things to say.

Founding Story

Every business has a founding story.  Ours is simple, we wanted to do things a better way.

If you have ever worked in the bowels of the large scale, volume creditor industry or have been exposed to it by being sued by a collector, you understand that the collection system is broken.  You know that the system and all of its players view the world and the people who inhabit it merely as numbers.  It doesn’t matter if you are a single mom dying of cancer or a small family business trying to survive, they want their money.  There is no humanity or sympathy.

The court system is no better and in many instances is part of the problem.  It is a massive scale assembly line where due to the sheer volume of cases, even well meaning judges are lost in the tide.  When large scale volume creditors take short cuts, fabricate service of process, or lie, the system has a hard time detecting this.  Weak or fabricated evidence is sufficient to obtain judgment.  You are left trying to prove a negative, which often times is impossible.  In essence, the constitutional guarantee of innocence until proven guilty is reversed.  You must prove yourself innocent.

When presented with these realities, you are faced with a choice.  You can either continue in the system, capitulate to its power, and swallow your blue pill.  Or you can take the red pill and fight.  Each of us at the firm has chosen the red pill.  We wanted to like our clients and like the outcomes we obtained for them.  We wanted to balance the system and give people a chance to prevail.  We did not want to assimilate.  We wanted to fight.  Each of us are glad for our decision.

Washington Debt Law was founded with the purpose of providing boutique level representation to individuals and small business owners regarding their debts and creditors at reasonable prices.  We want to help you to navigate the system and prevail against your creditors.  We focus on strategic solutions with an eye on cost effectiveness.  As we have experience both on the consumer and creditor side, we bring a balanced perspective to help you understand your options.  If the system is rigged, we help to unrig it.

We look forward to helping you to understand your rights and to craft a cost effective strategy to resolve any debt or creditor issues you face.  Give us a call today for a free initial phone consultation.