Debt Settlement

There are times when debt settlement may be the best option.  We can assist you in considering each possible legal step that you can take to fight a debt before determining whether settlement is the right choice for you.  Our typical analysis will include reviewing the collection complaint or default judgment for legal defenses, screening you for a bankruptcy discharge, checking to see if you might be judgment proof, and finally reviewing whether a feasible settlement can be reached.

  • If you don’t qualify for bankruptcy, you have already filed for bankruptcy, or you do not want to file for bankruptcy
  • If you are trying to close on a house, vehicle, or other purchase and need a debt handled more quickly than the normal court processes allow
  • If the debt amount owed is low enough to make a bankruptcy unwarranted
  • You would prefer to avoid the costs and risks of litigation
  • There is no legal defense to the debt
  • You do not want to have a court record


If you are considering settling a debt, give us a call first to ensure that a settlement is not only in your best interest but is your best option.  Call our firm to schedule an appointment today.