Debt Collection Defense

Collection Defense is one of the focuses of our practice.  We offer robust services ranging from debt settlement to full litigation in state, federal, and bankruptcy court.  We review each case for consumer protection violations and any potential violations are used as leverage to reduce the debt owed or possibly to lead to a net award of damages.  We offer flat fee, hourly, and contingency options depending upon the work necessary and facts of your case.  Read below for a breakdown of our services.  Call today to see how we can help.

Bankruptcy Options

While bankruptcy should not be the first option, it is our first point of analysis as bankruptcy is generally a low cost flat fee method of discharging large amounts of debt.  We use this analysis as the baseline of the cost benefit analysis when discussing other non-bankruptcy options.  We will explain the difference between a chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy and whether or not either could be beneficial.

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is most effective when you have leverage.  We will review situation for any leverage we can use to help you to settle for the least amount possible.  We use a cost efficient and affordable flat fee model for our debt settlement services.

Defense of Collection Claims

We can handle all aspects of your defense from filing an answer up to trial.  Most cases are resolved at the motion for summary judgment level.  In general, we offer flat fee services for defense but if you have consumer protection counter claims we can often take your case contingency.

Counter claims & Plaintiff Claims against Abusive Creditors

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.  In many cases, the statutory and other damages exceed the debt.  We will review your case carefully for violations of the FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, RCW 19.16, and RCW 19.86.  If we find violations, we generally can offer contingency options in representing you.

Pro Se & Ghost Writing

Some Clients prefer to argue their own cases.  We can help.  We offer a full package of ghost writing and trial preparation services.  We make sure you understand and follow application local, state, and federal rules in your pleadings and submission of documents.  Our clients that have chosen this option in the past have had a good rate of success.   Call us to discuss how we might be able to help you to argue your own case.

Strategic Debt Consultation

Sometimes, even if you are current on your debts, you realize it cannot last and you will inevitably default.  We can help you to determine how to prioritize and slow the descent to default.  We can defend or delay collections until you are able to file a strategic bankruptcy to sweep the deck and get a fresh start.

Specific Debt Issues

Debt law is a large and nuanced field.  Listed below are some specific debt issues that we can help you with.

Representative Collectors we have opposed

Alliance One, Armada, Asset Acceptance, Asset Recovery Group, Cach LLC, Capital One, Cavalry, Columbia, Delbert, Dynamic, Duvera, EGP Investments, Evergreen, Fair Resolutions, FIA, Grimm Collections, I.Q. Data, LCS, Merchants Credit, Medical Data Systems, Midland Funding, Olympic Credit, Ozark, Pennymac, Physicians & Dentists Credit Bureau, Portfolio Recovery Services, RMS, Select Portfolio, Stellar Recovery, and more.

Representative Law firms we have opposed

Condo Law Group, Bishop Weibel Marshall, Daniel N. Gordon, Machol & Johannes, Patenaude & Felix, Payne & Hickel, Suttell & Hammer, and more.