Attorney Services

We provide services to other attorneys in the areas of bankruptcy, creditor-debtor issues, and property related issues.  We assist other bankruptcy and creditor-debtor attorneys with complicated cases to include adversary proceedings and defending against creditor actions.  For other attorneys, our practice focuses on the creditor-debtor issues that come up during representation and can range from holding off a creditor while a personal injury case resolves to assisting with bankruptcy proofing a dissolution settlement and then resolving the debts afterward.  The common areas that we assist other attorneys include bankruptcy attorneys on complex cases, criminal attorneys, family law attorneys, and personal injury attorneys.   See below for our general referrals accepted and specific services for other attorneys.

General Referrals Accepted:

Bankruptcy- How we can Help: 

Criminal Law- How we can Help: 

Family Law- How we can Help:

Personal Injury- How we can Help: