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Washington Debt Law, PLLC:                                A Full Service Debt Relief Law Firm                   Serving All Of Washington State

We are a full service debt relief firm.  By full service, this means that we practice in multiple areas of law all focused on debt issues.  This includes bankruptcy, collection defense, consumer protection, foreclosure defense, real property, tenant rights, and other related areas of law.  If there is an area that we don’t practice in, we have a deep referral list ranging from financial planners to mortgage brokers to tax specialists.  Our focus is to approach any debt from multiple angles and choose the best approach both in terms of the specific debt but also how it interacts with your whole financial profile.

Creditor Defense By Ex Creditors

We pride ourselves on being staffed by ex creditor attorneys.  Our experience on the other side give us an edge in dealing with creditors as we intimately understand their motivations and tactics.  Creditors tend to have only a handful of clients that send hundreds or thousands of referrals.  They work in volume and make many mistakes.  Getting a big victory on one file can often lead to a client pulling all of their files from the law firm representing the creditor.  When we represent you, we focus not only on the facts and the law but any vulnerability of the opposing side and their case.  There are many ways to win a legal battle and we are not afraid to use unconventional approaches to get great results.

Strategic Planning

You can win a battle and lose a war.  Many firms focus on using a quickly filed bankruptcy as a one size fits all approach to debt relief.  That is not our approach.  Bankruptcy tends to be our last option with a focus on using strategic defaults, movement of assets, specific debt defense, and holding a battle line until it is about to fold- then we use bankruptcy only as a final option for maximum effect.  In many instances, bankruptcy can be avoided but if it is necessary, it will be much more effective than filing immediately.

Solutions When Bankruptcy is Not an Option

There are some times when you cannot file a bankruptcy.  You might be in the middle of a personal injury case, you might have already filed, you might even just have personal ethical reasons for why you do not want to file.  Regardless of your reason we can help.  We offer debt negotiation services, collections defense, fair credit reporting act litigation, fraud litigation, and other solutions.  If there are no legal service options for your situation, we can make an introduction to a media consultant to assist you in taking your case to social and news media as a last ditch option.  We have solutions, both conventional and unconventional, for any debt issue you can bring to us.

Fast Solutions When Time is of the Essence

While long term strategies can be more effective, sometimes you need help now.  If this is the situation, we can bring an array of options to the table.  We can file a bankruptcy to get garnished money back, we can appear at a motion for summary judgment in a collection suit, and we can stop a foreclosure with a temporary restraining order.  We can also offer a layered defense where we start with a demand letter, bring a restraining order or counterclaim, and reserve a bankruptcy as a final fallback position.  We are also one of the few firms that will handle an emergency bankruptcy petition provided we have the availability to accommodate you.  If you need help now, we can help!

Call Today To See How We Can Help:               (206) 535-2559

No matter whether you are facing foreclosure, imminent bankruptcy, garnishment, or other debt related issues, we can help. We offer a free phone consultation and have convenient locations throughout the Puget Sound area.  We also offer remote representation options for all parts of Washington State.  Contact us today to see how we can help!